Supporting women who are homeless

With limited specialist provision, how can services improve their support for women?

Women experiencing homelessness are typically less visible on the streets than men, more likely to be hidden homeless, and more likely to have experienced trauma and abuse both before and during homelessness, including separation from children. This scoping report (2019) and briefing (2017) explore how services can develop a gender-informed approach, in order to improve outcomes for the women they support.

Supporting women who are homeless

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A briefing for services about the particular issues affecting women who are homeless, and what sevices can do to respond to their needs. Includes a resource list and details of specialist agencies.


Promising practice from the frontline: Exploring gendered approaches to supporting women experiencing homelessness and multiple disadvantage

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Lisa Raftery

Lisa Raftery

Innovation and Good Practice Project Manager

Lisa leads the Day Centres Project and our Reboot UK digital inclusion partnerships. She also works with Jane Bancroft on the PLUS project, providing support to homeless agencies across London through a mixture of guidance, training and events.

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