Prevention Opportunities Mapping and Planning Toolkit (PrOMPT)

Practical resource to help identify opportunities to prevent rough sleeping locally.

One of the biggest challenges in tackling rough sleeping at a local level is in gathering reliable information that can be used to redesign services and improve prevention. The PrOMPT toolkit is designed to fill that gap.

What is PrOMPT?

PrOMPT guides you through four key stages:

  • Building partnerships – including securing the involvement of clients locally
  • Audit and analysis – mapping routes into rough sleeping, identifying opportunities for early intervention and rapid preventative action, and identifying gaps in local services and safety nets
  • Action planning – identifying key steps needed to remodel services, commission new services and ensure prevention
  • Review - monitoring progress and updating the audit and analysis

The approach involves people who have direct experience of sleeping rough as experts, helping you identifying pathways into rough sleeping and the points in those journeys where more effective interventions would have helped. Learning from the views and experiences of people who have slept rough in your area puts you in a better position to provide interventions that meet their needs. This information is used alongside other data, such as an audit of services, to produce a complete picture of need in your area.

Who should use this toolkit?

PrOMPT can be a useful way of beginning dialogue with rough sleepers; however it can also be used where a relationship is already in place to enhance the services provided in an area. Where relationships are good, clients should be encouraged to be involved in the planning and carrying out of the audit.

Two management level staff become lead contacts in the process - one from the local authority and one from the voluntary sector - taking overall responsibility for the implementation of PrOMPT.

Getting started

Download the Zip file below and unzip the contents on your hard drive. It contains guidance, templates, presentations, case studies and more to help you get up and running.

We can also provide access to an online audit and analysis tool. Please get in touch for login details. In the meantime, feel free to explore this test version of the tool.


Prevention Opportunities Mapping and Planning Toolkit (PrOMPT) downloads

Practical resource to help identify opportunities to prevent rough sleeping locally.